Henty’ s whaling establishment at Portland Bay

Whilst sailing the Victorian coastline, John Helder Wedge, a member of the Port Phillip Association, and former Assistant Surveyor General of Van Diemen's Land, entered Portland Bay. His sketchbook records some of the development he saw in the area, including this whaling establishement attributed to Thomas Henty of Launceston.  Edward Henty and his brother Stephen did not get involved in the whaling industry until about 2 years after their arrival in Portland Bay.  In their first season they captured 61.5 whales yielding 250 gallons of oil. They carried on their business for 2 years before giving it up. Whalers had been visiting the Bay on a seasonal basis for many years prior to the Henty's settlement of the area.


John Helder Wedge field book. October 1 1835


Accession number: MS10768


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts collection.


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The Hentys at Portland