Plan of subdivision of land of the Elwood Hill Estate

As an investment in 1853, Docker bought eleven allotments of land in North Elwood (now Elwood), from the Crown Grantee J.G. Vautier within the Elwood Hill Estate, which was a subdivision of Crown Allotments 12 and 13, now bounded by Beach Avenue, Ormond Road, and South Elwood (now Docker) Street and Ormond Road, facing the St Kilda to Brighton Track (now the bike track) and Ormond (now Elwood) Beach.

Docker bought allotments 11, 12 and 13. Docker named his house after the subdivision from which he bought.


Charles Laing, Architect and Surveyor. Subdivision Plan, 185-?


Accesion number: MAPR 912.945 V23 Vol.3 pg.90


From the State Library of Victoria's Maps collection.



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Joseph Docker