New settlers’ handbook to Victoria

In the first half of the 20th century, Victorian government policy actively encouraged regional settlement with the goal of creating a densely populated state of family run farms. These government efforts were known as closer settlement schemes and they focused on enticing British, European and America migrants to Victoria. 

This 112 page pamphlet is an attempt, by the New Settlers' League, to communicate the important information that would be wanted by an immigrant who is contemplating an agricultural life in regional Victoria. It contains useful information such as the existence of concession fares on trains for those who can prove that they are taking up land direct from the Government, as well as how to rig up a bush shower from a kerosene tin, a jam tin and hog wire.


Pamphlet. Hugh Paton for Farrow Falcon Press, Melbourne, 1925.


Accession number: RARELT 994.5 V66 (v.23)


From the State Library of Victoria's Rare Books collection.


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