Visit to Paris June 17 1917

An account of a visit to Paris by Coates and his friend Fawcett


Albert Coates, Diary, 19197


Accession number: MS 10345


From the State Library of Victoria's Collection.


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26th Monday February 1917

The entertainment provided by the guide was much appreciated, though I must say we did not learn a great deal about the Louvre.

At 5pm we visited the &#146Corner of Blighty&#146 ['Blighty' was a slang name for England] in Paris, 20 Place Vendome. This &#146foyer des soldats anglais&#146 is a kind of rest home for soldiers in Paris. English and American ladies served tea, bread and butter, etc, and afterwards play at the piano, sing chat and generally entertain the soldier visitors.
The Consul&#146s and Ambassador&#146s daughters are amongst those serving tea etc.

High society doing...

Morale & relaxation