The rumour spoken of in Frederick's letter may well have had some truth to it, as his words caught the attention of the censor, who passed the letter after ensuring that 4 lines of text were no longer legible.


Frederick Knight, letter July 5th 1915


Accession number: MS 9616


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts collection.


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"...but went very soon, I hope to get more some day I still keep running across fellows I know but have not seen so many lately. I hope you have got all my letters, I wrote as often as possible and wired from Cairo, but mails are often delayed and censors and such. If you are under the impression that there are many flies on the Turkish artillery, you are rather mistaken. I have seen them put in some rather good work, but still our ships at Cape Helles give them some ’hurry up’ as the expression goes. This is a wonderful place for rumours


Please excuse the dirt of this letter I am writing on a dirty tin with greasy hands There is no news generally so will say goodbye. Send any papers: I may get an occasional one. Love to all.

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