Document: diary of soldier on Kokoda Trail

Private Clarke's diary shows the damage done by the jungle damp.  Because of the high altitude, cold nights were a problem for the troops, as were mud, rain and hunger.


 Private John Stewart Clarke, diary, 1942


Accession number: MS 10894


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts collection.


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August 1942 





Monday 24 

Ears syringed out – still waiting – heavy rain and cold – still waiting – Mylola

Tuesday 25 

Pushing on – heavy mud track – rain

Wednesday 26 

Alola – pushing on ditto – muddy track – getting close up – scare at tea time – wet through all night – no dry clothes

Thursday 27 

Isharava [Isurava] – Mary and Marg the game is on – hoping for the best – always thinking of home

Friday 28 

Mr. Moore passed out – Bad Luck – 1850 hours relieved

Saturday 29 

Spell – bullets everywhere – hell on earth amongst the clouds in the mountains – retired – first dry night

Sunday 30 

Waiting A, B + C – mistake – cut off 

Kokoda track campaign