Front cover of Brennessel No.2/9, 4 Jan 1942

Some of the German prisoners of war interned in Tatura remained loyal to the Nazi regime, and they secretly published this magazine for their own use.  The title "Brennessel" is the German name for nettle, a plant which stings if touched.  The sting of the nettle is meant to refer to the 'sting' of the magazine's satirical humour.  The term 'Hinter stacheldraht' means 'behind barbed wire'.  'Eigenverlag' means 'self-published', and 'internierungslager' means 'internment camp'.  The illustration shows a prisoner waking to the New Year behind barbed wire as lazy Australian guards doze and fish.


Artist unknown, roneoed publication, 1942


Accession number: MS 11610


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts collection.


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