The Yarra below the Falls. Melbourne

This west facing photograph of the Yarra, in Melbourne, was taken upstream from the 'Yarra Falls' which are visible in the midground. The Falls once provided a natural rock barrier that separated the salty tidal water of Hobson's Bay from the fresh water which flows down from the Yarra Valley.  The Yarra falls were blasted away with explosives in the 1880s to make way for Queensbridge. Beyond the Falls, the open space of water shows the turning basin, which gave larger ships the necessary space to turn around and sail back out into the Bay. 

In the background the signage of Cole's Wharf is just visible. Close inspection of this photograph also reveals a few ghostly impression of people and animals.


Antoine Fauchery and Richard Daintree, photograph. ca.1858


Accession number: H84.167/11


From the State Library of Victoria's Picture Collection.


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Antoine Fauchery