William Todd's journal: Buckley's tattoo

Reproduction of William Todd's journal entry, in which he records the tattoo markings on Buckley's arm.


William Todd, Journal, June 8 1835-November 15 1835. Manuscript.


Accession number: MS 11243


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscript Collection.


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eat very heartily, & told us immedeatily what it was - He also informes us that he has been above 20 years in the Country, during which time he has been with the Natives. Jim Gum measured his hight, which was 6 feet 7 or 8 Inches. He then told us that his name was Wm Buckley - having the following marks on his Arm. W. B. [deleted sun, moon and bird] Being a long time with the Natives he has nearly forgot the English language - but the Native Language he can speak fluently. We then brought him to our tent, Clothed him with the best we had - & made him share the same as we - After he had got his dinner he informed us that he was

Buckley's return to European life