John Pascoe Fawkner's Constitution

Reproduction of second page of Fawkner's Constitution.


Created by John Pascoe Fawkner, circa 1832.


Accession number: MS 13273


From the State Library of Victoria's Manuscripts Collection.


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It will be desorable to Interdict, the introduction of all Spirituous Liquors or if not possible to entirely Prohibit it,To limit the the quantity imported to a fixed and Small Quantity which quota should be under the Sole management of the Council the Liquor to be landed publicly and a correct account kept and no one person allowed to have more than - Two - Gallons yearly according to the numbers of their Establishment and all Masters made answerable in some measure to keep their Servants sober and orderly


Each and every person found or seen drunk in the Streets roads or grounds be they ever so private if open to be seen from the Streets shall be amenable for the Offence, and shall be liable to be taken up and confined until Sober and shall be punished by being put to Hard Labor for the Good of the Public upon some public Work from 1 Day to 1 Month according to the nature of the Crime and should any person injure those sent to apprehend them they shall further pay for all damage done, to the uttermost farthing, And if any man or Woman persist in this vice they shall after being properly warned, be expelled to one of the Drunken Towns of Sydney Hobart or Launceston as the opportunity may occur, and that Too at their own expence, and in Order to accomplish this any servant once convicted of this crime shall have his wages stopt so as to be always afterwards kept Two months wages in arrear to meet this contingency in failure of so doing, he or she shall pay this charge themselves;

Fawkner's constitution