Parish of Colongulac, County of Hampden

This is a parish plan, created by surveyors, and published by the Dept. of Lands and Survey. These plans were used by the government to keep track of how much land was in government ownership, and how much had been sold into private hands.

The western portion of this plan shows numerous allotments purchased by Niel Black and Co.  Black was a pioneer pastoralist and breeder of sheep. Together with a business partner located in Scotland, he held the licence to many sheep runs in the western districts of Victoria.  Under the free selection legislation of the 1860s Black was required to purchase much of the land that he and his business partners were already using, if they wished to continue to graze their sheep in the area.


J Noone, Surveyor. Department of Lands and Survey, Melbourne, July 26th 1864


Accession number: MAPS 820 BJE 1837- Colongulac


From the State Library of Victoria's Maps collection.


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